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welcome to KSO Guwahati home page

Founded in "1993" .The Kuki Students' Organisation Guwahati KSO (G) work for the welfare of its people living in and around Guwahati.

It strive for social,cultural and educational advancement,justice and communal harmony keeping in tune with the changing environment.

To secure wisdom for its people and practice in deeds to all.

To be an institution of knowledge and a giver of peace and justice.

It is a preserver of tradition,cultures and customs of the Kuki Community.

It also act as a spring board for any kind of community development.

The organisation upholds the dignity of its people and work for the unity and integrity of the Kuki community.

Top priority accorded to academic excellence and due recognition given to those student who achieve it.

Kuki Student's Organisation



Disclaimer: This is a website of Kuki Students Organisation Guwahti.

It was created by the executives of 2005-06, to provide possible information accessible globally.

"due to certain inconvinience, information on this site may not be upto date"

The contents of the site is just for information purpose and it has no legal binding.

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